Our Collaborative Services

Working together with other collaborative professionals towards resolution.

What is Collaborative Practice?

Collaborative practice is a resolution process available to clients who are seeking conciliatory alternatives to traditional, court-based approaches to divorce and separation. To participate in the process, both parties must agree to disclose all relevant information, communicate respectfully, and act in good faith. Like mediation, it is amicable, private, flexible, and puts family first; however, collaborative practice requires the participation of collaboratively trained professionals.

Why Hire Collaborative Professionals?

Collaborative family professionals, family lawyers, and financial professionals are specially trained to work together with separating and divorcing couples to create optimal resolutions that allow them to maintain a long-term, amicable relationship. Together, these professionals can help to facilitate open communication between negotiating parties during each settlement meeting, and can ultimately create a legally-binding agreement that takes both family and financial-related concerns into consideration. Furthermore, collaborative professionals are adept at coordinating the distribution of their work; thus, they are able to minimize both the cost and time necessary for each step of the process.

What does Family First Solutions bring to Collaborative Practice?

Family First Solutions is a provider of collaboratively trained financial expertise. We have been working in the realm of mediation for over 5 years, and have over 25 years of financial experience. Our clients trust us to act neutrally in all financial matters, and to help them find other collaborative professionals (both family lawyers and family professionals) who can work together with us to create a legally-binding agreement that satisfies all parties.


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